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Your first-rate personalized treatment starts from the moment you contact our board certified orthodontist in Puyallup.

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Your Complimentary First Appointment Checklist

Uncover your real smile in an environment that suits you.

Puyallup Orthodontics Experts

Your Coordinator.
Your personal treatment coordinator will help you get started by getting to know you, discussing your expectations, and working to customize a financial plan.
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Let’s Take a Closer Look.
Your orthodontist in Puyallup uses advanced digital x-rays to get a detailed photograph of your teeth and jaw. These images are the key to correcting any issues you may face.
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One-on-One Doctor Time.
Enjoy an individual exam with Dr. Crouch, during which he will discuss your treatment options, estimated time for treatment, and will answer any questions you have.
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Keep Everyone Informed.
Our caring team respects your time, so we will not keep you any longer than we need too. After your exam, we will provide you and your referring dentist all the information you need.

Conveniences Without a Catch

Avoid any additional stress with our array of user-friendly forms and helpful financial options.

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Quickly and securely fill out our new patient forms online for you or your child.

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Financial Options

As well as providing affordable orthodontics, we also offer a variety of payment options.
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  • Credit Card

Insurance Solutions

If your insurance covers orthodontic treatment, you will receive the benefit of reduced personal costs. Insurance policies vary, so we will review your insurance to determine how we can assist you. We are a member of Washington Dental Service.

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Get the Inside Track on Orthodontics

Visiting a new office and undertaking orthodontic treatment can be intimidating or may make you feel a bit anxious (it's only natural). To minimize this, we've provided THE answers to eight commonly asked questions, so you will be more than ready for your first appointment.

Why Should I choose an orthodontic specialist?
Teeth, and sometimes entire facial structures, are permanently changed by orthodontic treatment. It is important the treatment is appropriate and correctly completed. Orthodontic providers have the extensive and specialized training to provide professional, personalized treatments.
At what age should I schedule an appointment for an orthodontic screening?
The American Association of Orthodontists recommends an orthodontic screening at the age of seven. By this age, several permanent teeth in most children have erupted, allowing us to effectively evaluate your child’s orthodontic condition.
How long will it take to complete treatment?
Treatment time obviously depends on each patient’s specific orthodontic condition. In general, treatment time lasts from eight months to 30 months. The “average” time frame for braces is approximately 18-24 months.
How much will braces cost? Are financing and insurance options available?
We will discuss the treatment cost and financial options during your initial appointment. Several payment options are available to accommodate your needs and we will review these with you. We will also review your insurance policy and help to maximize your benefits and file your claims.
Is it too late to have braces if I am already an adult?
No patient is “too old” to wear braces! A surprising percentage of our patients are adults. In fact, 25 percent of all orthodontic patients are adults. Optimum oral health, smile esthetics, and self-esteem are vitally important to all adults.
Do braces hurt?
Braces do not hurt. After certain visits, teeth can be sore for a few days. In these situations, over the counter medications such as Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen will ease the discomfort. However, after most visits, patients do not feel any soreness at all! We often remind our patients, “It does not have to hurt to work!”
How often will I have appointments?
Appointments are scheduled according to each patient’s needs. Most patients in braces will be seen every 5 to 10 weeks. If there are specific situations that require more frequent monitoring, we will schedule appointments accordingly.
What is an emergency appointment? How are those handled?
If your appliances are causing pain or if something breaks, please call our office. In most cases, we can address these issues over the telephone. If you require an emergency appointment, we will set aside time for you.


My experience in Dr. Crouch’s office is always so great! The staff is so friendly and hard working. I always look forward to my appointments!
Christa S.

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